Credit by Exam in Spanish

Our department believes that language classes do not lend themselves to credit by examination.  Taking a test is not the same as actually attending a class and doing all the assignments, which include participation, written essays, and cultural activities. 

You may challenge Spanish 2 in order to take Spanish 3 or challenge Spanish 3 in order to take Spanish 4.  See “Challenging a Course”.

There are no courses here at IVC that are truly appropriate for educated native speakers.  State mandate does not allow us to offer upper division courses, so even our most advanced class, Spanish 4, is below the level of educated native speakers.

If you have a language requirement, we encourage you to study another language here at IVC: Chinese, French, Japanese, or Sign Language.  The UC does not usually allow students to receive credit for anything below second year in their native language.  Instead, they encourage native speakers of Spanish to take Spanish for Heritage Speakers.


Brooke Bui, PhD
Dean, Languages & Learning Resources

O: LA 209

Erika Arendts
Sr. Admin. Assistant, Languages & Learning Resources

O: LA 207