How to Challenge a Course in the Spanish Department

If you have not fulfilled the prerequisite for a Spanish course but think that you might be able to do the work, you may challenge the prerequisite. This does not earn you any units, but merely waives the prerequisite course. To challenge a prerequisite, you will need to make an appointment with the Matriculation and Assessment office in the Student Services Center, located in the Admissions and Records Office.

Schedule an appointment by emailing IVCAM@ivc.edu. On the day of the appointment, go to SSC 240 and request a “Spanish challenge form.” Attached to that form, there will be instructions for you to write a ½ to 1 page essay in Spanish (topics will be provided). You will have 50 minutes to complete the writing assessment.  

Members of the evaluating committee are not looking for perfect grammar, but for depth of vocabulary and variety of sentence structure. Your request to waive the prerequisite will be either approved or declined within five working days. Students may use this process once per semester.

Students needing other matriculation-related services should come to the Office of Admissions and Records or contact Matriculation at 949-451-5220 or visit its website at http://admissions.ivc.edu/matriculation​​​


Brooke Bui, PhD
Dean, Languages & Learning Resources

O: LA 209

Erika Arendts
Sr. Admin. Assistant, Languages & Learning Resources

O: LA 207